Alarfic hanging cargo container desiccant bag

Hanging Cargo Container Desiccant Bag

Container desiccant, Is a highly active adsorption material.  Specially formulated designed to absorb excess moisture in freight containers and warehouse storage.  Easy to install and remove. Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion.  Non flammable and insoluble in water. Made as per ISO standards ; absorbs upto 100% of its weight.  Ideal for ocean, rail,  and truck shipping containers 

Alarfic Moisture observed Silica Gel sachets

Moisture Absorbent Silica Gel Sachets

Silica Gel desiccant is a high absorption material used in packaging and storages.  Comes in white, blue and orange colors, in pack size of 10 gm to 1000 gm packed in non woven breathable fabric. Insolution in water or any solvents, 12 months long shelf life when stored in airtight conditions. Non flammable, physical in state, with 50% to 100% absorption capacity . 

Ideal for storage containers and boxes used for packing leather-ware, Garments, military articles, electronics, gift boxes, jewelry, etc  

Alarfic Calcium chloride Desiccant

Calcium chloride Desiccant

Made of high quality lab grade Calcium chloride and starch with outstanding effectiveness. This achieves  that all the absorbed moisture is captured inside the bag and cannot be released again since moisture turns into gel.  350% absorption rate, can be stored in -5C to 90C. Provide 60 days and more moisture protection.  Ideal for pharmaceutical industries, Food industries, etc. Upto 300% absorption rate, non toxic & Harmless DMF free, non dusting, strong and hard to tear. Moisture turns into gel, leakage free, double layer leak free design. One way breathable water proof material.